October 28, 2021

Why You Need to Watch for Water on Your Property

October 28, 2021

Do you own a home? If so, you probably already know that owning a home also means maintaining a home. There are varying things you must do to upkeep the house so that it looks nice, functions properly, and stays safe. While there are a number of things you’ll want to check in order to upkeep your home, one thing that you may find important is checking for unwanted water on your property. Doing this may save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Home Damage

The first reason you’ll want to watch for water on your property is to avoid damage to your home. For example, if water gets under your house and just sits there, it will start to create a moist space where mold can grow. Additionally, the mold and water start causing your house’s foundation to rot, crack, and weaken. Such problems are expensive to fix and very detrimental to your home. So, regularly make sure no pipes are leaking that would cause water to simply puddle underground, and make sure there isn’t a constant puddle of water above ground that would be endlessly seeping under your house.

Potential Pest Problems

Another reason you’ll want to watch for water on your property is that standing water attracts pests. If the standing water is under your house, the pests may go there and get inside the cracks in your house and up into your walls. Also, standing water can attract mosquitos on your property. Mosquitos are annoying because they’re constantly finding you to suck your blood, but they can also be dangerous. Mosquitoes can carry and transmit varying dangerous diseases. To avoid problems with pests congregating to standing water, consider buying pest control. It may be hard to get rid of the water, but pest control can help keep the pest problem under control.

Potential Health Problems

Lastly, watch for water on your property because standing water can create health problems. Bacteria and mold will start to grow in the water. If you, your child, or your pets then drink the water, they can become seriously ill. Even if no one drinks the water but only touches it and fails to wash their hands after, they, too, can become sick.

Having standing water on your property is something you want to avoid: it can cause mold to grow underground in your house’s foundation and can send pests up into your walls; it can bring pests to your home, especially mosquitos that carry terrible diseases; and finally, it can cause bacteria to grow that will harm your or a loved one’s health. So, check your property now and see what you can do to remove standing water.

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