August 11, 2021

What Are the Benefits of Seamless Gutter Installation?

August 11, 2021

When it comes to custom home building, gutters are one of the elements that can end up overlooked. It’s just so easy to skip them in the planning stage and just go with whatever the builder is offering. But a few years down the road, you might wish you hadn’t neglected your gutter installation options. 

Here are a couple of crucial points on the topic of seamless gutter installation, and why every homeowner should consider it.

How does gutter installation benefit a home?

The essential purpose of a gutter system is to divert rainwater away from your home and towards a nearby drainage system. Having the right kind of gutters installed makes it much easier to avoid leakage and rot. Even with fully waterproofed walls, you don’t want rainwater pooling around the edges of your property. 

Some hire professionals for their gutter installation needs, and others take this on as a DIY project. Either way, it’s vitally important to choose the appropriate type of gutter for your building and the local climate.

What types of gutter installation are there?

Depending on the house’s size and shape, as well as the slope of your roof, your professional installer might offer a variety of gutter systems. From built-in liners to custom-made gutters, two-piece solutions to decorative double-bottom ones, they come in all shapes and sizes.

However, the critical distinction is the one between multi-segment gutter systems and seamless, single-piece ones. The former is the traditional type of gutter system, commonly seen on older buildings. The latter is a more efficient modern solution, which we just can’t recommend enough!

What sets seamless gutters apart?

What doesn’t set them apart?! Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits they provide.

1. Less Leakage

With no seams and joints, it’s far less likely that water will leak through your gutter. And if there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s rainwater leaking and dripping all over the place – it defeats the purpose of having a gutter!

2. Less Maintenance

Traditional sectional gutters need frequent maintenance to keep clogs from forming. But with seamless gutters, this is not the case – the dirt, leaves, and other debris moves right through. Save yourself the hassle with maintenance-free gutters!

3. Longer-Lasting

Due to the operational wear and tear, every gutter system needs replacing sooner or later. Seamless gutters, however, are much more durable than sectional ones. Installing seamless gutters will set your home straight for decades instead of years, saving time and money! 

4. Quicker Installation

If you’ve ever gone through a complete gutter replacement, you know how stressful it can be. But once you go seamless, things suddenly turn straightforward! The continuous gutter system lets installers mount it quickly and effectively. It’ll be on your roof in no time!

5. Easier on the Eye

Last but not least, seamless gutters are far easier to match to the rest of your house in color and overall appearance. Unlike traditional gutter systems, they are as discreet and elegant as they are practical!

Choose Your Seamless Gutter Installer Wisely

While a seamless gutter installation costs more than a traditional one, it saves significant sums of money in the long run. You can look at it as an investment in your property’s future, and as is the case with all investments, it shouldn’t be entrusted to just about anyone.

In choosing a professional installer, it’s advisable to go with someone with both the credentials and the experience necessary. Ideally, you’d find someone who’s been in the gutter business for decades and maintains a strong reputation for quality service. 

Incidentally, we fit all these criteria! Contact Tomlinson Cannon today for seamless gutter installation, foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and much more.

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