leveling & restoring sunken concrete

Tomlinson Cannon are the professionals when it comes to leveling and restoring your sunken concrete. We repair driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors – any concrete slab. Our polyurethane foam injection or mudjacking repair technique are both highly effective, long-lasting, much less expensive and much quicker than replacing your concrete.

We have decades of experience raising concrete throughout Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities. We are the ONLY locally owned provider in Eastern Iowa to offer both foam injection and mudjacking solutions. We will help you decide which solution best solves your problem.

What to Expect If You Don’t Restore Your Sunken Concrete

  • Liability hazards from tripping
  • Cracked and bowing foundation walls
  • Unsightly cracking of concrete
  • Basement water leaks
  • Erosion of landscaping
  • Depreciated value of home

Polyurethane Foam Injection Process

Mudjacking Process

Why Use Mudjacking or Poly Foam?

  • Less than ½ the cost of replacement
  • Saves landscaping
  • Ecologically sound
  • Clean
  • Completes in less than a day
  • Can fill voids

What Are the Differences Between Mudjacking and Foam Injection (Polyjacking)?

There are a lot of similarities between these methods. They are both less expensive than concrete replacement and much quicker. Both use a similar technique of “jacking” up the existing concrete by pumping a material underneath the concrete slab. Here’s a summary of how they differ:

MudjackingFoam Injection /Polyjacking
iconThe Process
Drill holes into sunken concrete and pump a natural mix of agricultural products (portland cement, lime, water) to raise the concrete.
Drill holes into sunken concrete and inject polyurethane foam (similar to the foam in your couch cushions). The foam expands, raising the concrete.
iconInstallation Hole Size
Pool Ball Size (2½ inch), patched with concrete.
Dime Size (⅝ inch), patched with concrete.
iconCure Time
24 hours until fully cured. Can be walked on the same day.
Within 30 minutes.
iconClean Up
No disruption to to landscaping. Water is used to clean up the area.
No disruption to landscaping. Minimal clean up.
iconEnvironmental Impact
Non-toxic, eco-friendly, natural substances.
Non-toxic, eco-friendly. The recycled foam we use has the smallest carbon footprint of all available poly materials.

Which Concrete Repair Method Is Best for You?

Both are good options if you would like to repair and reuse your concrete rather than replacement. Either way, you will save money and time over a full replacement. As the only local concrete leveling experts to offer BOTH foam injection and mudjacking, you can rest assured you will get the best solution to meet your unique needs. In addition to leveling your concrete we offer professional caulking of concrete cracks. This can be an effective measure to prevent water from seeping underneath the concrete.
Our concrete raising services come with a 2 year warranty.

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