Right Leaf protection

Clogged gutters and downspouts from leaves and debris can cause leaky basements, settling concrete and structural damage to your home. You can avoid this costly damage and minimize gutter maintenance by installing leaf protection. Leaf protection will keep your gutter system free-flowing and draining properly year round.

Selecting the right leaf protection for your home can be an overwhelming task. There is no shortage of gimmicks and pushy sales tactics to get you to buy the “next best thing” in gutter covers. At Tomlinson Cannon we offer a lineup of tried and true products that we have installed for decades in Eastern Iowa. Simplify the process by trusting your local professionals.

OUR Features

  • LeafProof
  • Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Elite Screen


Stainless Steel Mesh

Elite Screen


  • Our most advanced leaf protection
  • Heavy aluminum – no rust
  • Panels, which come in several colors, cover the entire top of gutter with water entering a
    small slit in the front; made possible through
    surface tension
  • No maintenance lifetime guarantee –
    if it clogs, we clean it for free

All our leaf protection products:

  • Low profile - blends in with roofline
  • No nails in roof
  • Installed so debris tends to roll off
  • Lifetime material guarantee
  • Can handle heavy downpours


Your entire gutter system is thoroughly cleaned and free-flowing before any of our gutter protection products are installed.

Check out this video for an overview of the process

Still not sold on leaf protection?

Some customers would rather stick with regular cleaning and maintenance of their gutter system. We can help with that too! We offer a quick and affordable gutter cleaning service. Give our office a call and we can typically clean your gutters in the next 1-2 weeks.

In addition to leaf protection, we recommend installing oversized downspouts in areas of heavy debris. Oversized downspouts (3”x4”) have 2x the drainage capacity as standard downspouts (2”x3”). They tend to flush debris through and are at less risk of clogging. They are also heavy duty at .024 thickness compared to the standard .019 thickness. Oversized downspouts coupled with our leaf protection systems provide the ultimate protection for your gutters.

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