solve foundation problems

Do you have bowed or buckling walls in your basement? Are you finding that your home’s doors and windows no longer align properly? Uneven floors or sinking foundations?

Any of these can be signs of a serious foundation problem. At Tomlinson Cannon we are the foundation experts throughout Eastern Iowa and the I-380 corridor. We utilize the Grip-Tite family of products to solve your foundation problems. Grip-Tite systems were developed by engineers and comply with international building codes. We are proud to be the only authorized installers of Grip-Tite in Eastern Iowa.

Basement Wall Anchoring

The Grip-Tite system secures and stabilizes deteriorating walls effectively–and more affordably–than rebuilding them.

Quick, Clean Installation

Securing your walls with the Grip-Tite system is a relatively speedy process that can usually be completed in a single day. It requires minimal drilling through your basement walls and doesn’t destroy your yard.

Wall Stability with Minimal Fuss

Our process inserts one or more steel rods through your basement wall and secures those rods in anchors buried beneath your yard. The anchors prevent any further movement of your wall, while tightening the bearing plate over time will move your leaning or bowed wall towards its proper position. This tightening is done periodically by the homeowner with a professional grade torque wrench we supply.

Check out this video for an overview of the process:

Foundation Piers

We utilize Grip-Tite Foundation Piering to transfer the weight of your home or business to rock-solid piers instead of unstable soil. The system is hidden from view and is much less invasive than many other foundation repairs. After your home has been fitted with our foundation piers you can expect a level foundation for the lifetime of the structure. You can look forward to cracks in the mortar joints closing, windows opening and closing with less binding, and doors closing easier.

Grip-Tite Foundation Pier Benefits:

  • No heavy equipment
  • No waiting weeks for concrete to dry - can be installed in as little as two days
  • Can be installed in limited access areas
  • Can be installed year-round

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