The solution to your wet basement

The solution to your wet basement is just a phone call away. At Tomlinson Cannon we are Eastern Iowa’s basement waterproofing experts. Our professional team will provide a free assessment of your basement water problem and recommend a solution designed for your situation and budget.

When you trust us with your basement waterproofing, rest assured you are getting the best products, workmanship and service in the industry. Our basement waterproofing solutions come with a lifetime guarantee that is transferable. Having established an excellent reputation over the past decades, prospective buyers, realtors, and bankers have confidence that subsequent owners of a Tomlinson Cannon waterproofed home will always enjoy a dry basement.

What causes basements to leak?

Hydrostatic pressure is the primary reason. Surface water saturates the soil around your home causing water pressure against the foundation which then pushes water through the pores, cracks, and joints in the concrete walls and floor

The answer: Tomlinson Cannon Basement Drain Tile.

If hydrostatic pressure and saturated soil is the cause of your wet basement, our basement drain tile solution is the perfect answer.

How does our system function to keep your basement dry?

Water, because of hydrostatic pressure, is pushed into the wall (block) and over the footing seeking a path of least resistance. Water entering the hollow block walls immediately drops to the footing, out the weep holes and into the BASEMENT DRAIN TILE™ system. The water that is pushed over the footing is also drawn into the system. As the water begins to flow, capillary action (water pulling water), assures a continuous flow into the BASEMENT DRAIN TILE™ which then directs the water to the sump system which efficiently pumps the water out of the home. We have now taken command of water that once made life miserable. No more wet basement…guaranteed.

Check out this video for an overview of the process:

We also offer quick and efficient basement wall crack injections to address isolated wall crack leaks. We use an expanding polyurethane foam to seal the wall cracks. This service is performed in a matter of hours.

Guaranteed Results. For Life.

Guarantees are only as good as the level of integrity and stability of the company that issues the guarantee. We at Tomlinson Cannon have cheerfully stood behind our high quality products and services since 1948. Our customers can rest assured that in the years to come, rain or shine, we will still be here to help with any problems.

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