July 30, 2022

Why Maintenance is a Critical Investment Into Your Home

July 30, 2022

Whether it’s the home you live in or an investment property you own, maintenance is critical. You’re going to want to maintain your property thoroughly and effectively. Not only is it cleaner – but it’s really just a better thing to do in the long run.

Maintain the Value of Your Home

The value of your home fluctuates with the market over time. Everybody wants a home that appreciates – that way, you make money for doing nothing after living in the property for a few years. However, one other important factor in a home’s value is the condition. If you let a home fall into disrepair, it can slowly but surely knock thousands of dollars off the total value. Also important to watch out for are systemic issues, like problems with electricity, plumbing, piping, air conditioning, heating, and especially with the home’s foundation. Even cosmetic issues can make people less eager to buy, even if the actual value isn’t affected.

Prevent Water Damage

Water is a very common cause of damage. It can lead to rotting, mold, warping, and discoloration. Severe water damage (usually taking place either gradually over time or after a serious natural disaster) can even potentially destroy an entire house. In fact, water damage can result in some of the most expensive home repairs. Be aware of your home’s vulnerabilities! Always check to make sure that the attic, basement, windows, doors, and other areas are well-protected and sealed. Make adjustments according to where you live and the weather that you get most often. If you slack off, you may end up getting a lot more than you bargained for.

Save Money

Beyond preserving the value of your home, your constant and thorough maintenance of your home will actually save you money in the long run. It’s a well-documented phenomenon; if you take care of repair problems sooner rather than later, you will be saving money ninety-nine times out of a hundred. Why? Neglected issues grow, widening the scope of their damage and the subsequent cost of repair. If you procrastinate, you could end up in a very difficult financial position – or even worse, end up compromising your safety or the safety of your family.

Maintenance is part of owning a home. It’s something you need to commit to personally when you make the purchase. It may be hard, yes, and inconvenient – such is the nature of maintenance. But if you find a way to habitually repair your home, you will be much happier and safer.

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