July 28, 2021

Do I Really Need to Pay Attention to My Home’s Foundation?

July 28, 2021

If you are in the process of building your home, you’re probably more concerned about the materials you’ll use or with the overall floorplan of your home. Thinking about your foundation may slip your mind. But as a homeowner or future homeowner, keeping good care of your foundation is essential to your home’s health.


The Purpose of a Foundation

Foundations are pretty straightforward—they generally serve as the foundation upon which your home is built. According to Luxury Homes, in the case of modular homes, the concrete foundation is what turns them into permanent residences, unlike a mobile home.


As the base of your home, having problems where the concrete starts to separate or when the foundation isn’t level can have huge repercussions for your home’s overall structural soundness. If you’re building your home, make sure to invest in a good builder who will be sure to get the foundation right.


Caring for Your Foundation

Caring for your foundation may not be something you think about all the time when it comes to home maintenance, but it still is quite important. There are multiple things you can do to keep your foundation in good repair. First, be aware of the moisture levels around your foundation as well as how your home’s drainage works.


According to AAA Basement, if your drainage does not work well, it becomes possible for water to pool up, seep into the concrete, and then expand when frozen. When this happens, you are more likely to get harmful cracks in your foundation’s surface.


Spotting Problems in Your Foundation

Once you’ve developed a plan to maintain your foundation, you should also know how to recognize problems or damage to your foundation as well as how to address some of those issues. Some of the main issues to look out for are cracking, discoloration, and flaking.


While these issues can point to different problems in different situations, according to Insider, they usually indicate something like the possibility of a fracture in the foundation. This could lead to bigger breakage in the home or they indicate something like water damage eroding at the foundation.


Having a structurally sound home starts with a solid foundation. Do your research to learn about your particular area and any specific traits of your climate that could affect your foundation’s stability. Understanding the soil content, the natural moisture levels, and the rain patterns can help you plan out your foundation to be stronger and more durable.


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