August 12, 2021

What Are the Advantages of Professional Concrete Cutting?

August 12, 2021

A popular heavy-duty construction material, concrete is notoriously difficult to dispose of when remodeling a building. Back in the day, people used to break it up with jackhammers! These days, concrete cutting is the standard when trying to dispose of stuff. It’s a demanding process, but some people still like to DIY it. In theory, all you need is a good circular saw and some protective gear to keep the dust away. But for most people, the preferred alternative is hiring a professional concrete cutting company. And here’s why.

How the pros do it

There are many advantages to relying on skilled concrete sawing operators, but we’ll outline just a few here. 

Precision: Working with concrete requires patience, strength, and above all, precision. Hiring a professional contractor guarantees that the work will be done cleanly and accurately. You’ll want to minimize the chances of accidentally cutting into rebar or wiring! A misstep of that kind can only slow down your project and make it more costly.

Speed: Having a massive slab of concrete in the way tends to delay construction projects. Getting it removed, you need the job done quickly and done right the first time so that everything can stay on schedule. Professional concrete cutting is the quickest and most reliable way of avoiding unnecessary delays.

Safety: Cutting concrete is hazardous work, requiring sight, hearing, and breathing protection. And this goes double if you’re dry-cutting! Hiring professionals means you won’t have to think twice about safety measures. People who’ve done it before know how to protect themselves and avoid any damage to remaining structural elements.

Cost Efficiency: While the cost of concrete cutting may seem high, it’s fairly inexpensive considering the alternatives. Purchasing quality gear, such as diamond-bladed concrete saws, would be a considerable investment since you wouldn’t be using it that often. Instead, you can hire professionals for a fraction of that cost, relying on them to have the necessary equipment readily available.

What to look for in a concrete cutting company

As is the case when hiring any other type of contractor, you should be on the lookout for experience and transparency in your concrete cutting professionals. Look for a reputable company known to offer reliable work at reasonable rates. Ideally, they would also hear you out and understand the specifics of your project before quoting their price.

Tomlinson Cannon offers professional concrete cutting and core drilling services for commercial and residential projects alike. Contact us directly for more information.


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