September 10, 2019

When You Need Gutter Cleaning

September 10, 2019

You’ve never gotten your gutters cleaned and don’t even know where to begin. So if you need the best gutter cleaning in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, Davenport, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls, Iowa, read on to find out when you should get this process. Typically, you want to watch out for symptoms of these problems before they become severe and then get your gutters cleaned to ensure that they don’t become a more serious issue.                   

Mold is Developing on Your Roof                       

The roof is probably the first place that will be affected by dirty or clogged gutters. Typically, you’re going to find that clogs in your drains cause water to flow over to your roof or complicate your water removal process. When this happens, you’ll probably see a lot of molds developing on your gutters and through the rest of your roof. This problem is one that can quickly become a concern because of the way that mold and mildew affect the health of your home.       

For example, mold can spread down into your home through gaps in your roof and cause complications. Mold spores may go airborne and cause respiratory issues with people in your home and even your pets. Even worse, mold can damage your home’s structure by creating a film that attracts water and produces stains and another buildup. Therefore, you need to do what you can to prevent mold from growing on your roof and through your home.                       

Thankfully, gutter cleaning can help minimize the danger of this problem from developing on your home. Typically, this process goes through a myriad of operations, including inspecting the gutters for any debris, removing this debris, and then checking spouts to ensure that they aren’t clogged. Then, high-intensity cleaning processes – focusing heavily on the structure of the gutters themselves – will help to eliminate any other issues that may occur.           

Animals Nesting on Your Home                       

If you’ve ever seen animals hanging out on top of your roof, there’s a good chance that your gutters may be clogged or damaged. That’s because animals are heavily attracted to channels because they typically contain a lot of water that is easy to obtain. And since many gutters end up collecting leaves and other decomposing matter, a variety of pests – like ants and even roaches – may crawl up into your gutters and hang out. These sprawling nests can cause even more damage to your channels.                       

As a result, you need to consider gutter cleaning if you see a lot of animals hanging around on top of or near your roof. This problem can become dangerous if you find that these critters contribute to the gutter damage. For example, debris from birds, squirrels, and more can easily cause damage to your home. Even worse, your gutters may end up getting more clogged or worn down due to the bird fecal matter lingering in the channel.                       

Thankfully, cleaning can help out here. Professionals will come to your home and inspect where the animals have invaded your gutters. Then, they will get up on your roof with hoses, brushes, and other cleaning tools to break apart clogs, destroy nests, carefully scrub away fecal matter, and fix any damage to your gutters. Make sure to call animal control experts and pest control professionals to manage any critters or pests that may return.                   

Leaks Throughout Your Home                       

When your gutters end up dirty, they are going to spill water onto your roof that may wear away parts of its structure. Just like water out of clogged gutters cause foundation damage, persistent water on your roof may wear through its surface and cause complications like leaks. When leaks develop, your home is going to experience a broad array of problems that can not only damage the look of your home but even compromise its structural integrity in unexpected ways.                       

As a result, gutter cleaning is essential as a way of minimizing this problem. Typically, you’ll also need to get repairs done throughout your roof to ensure that it is as healthy as possible. These repairs often focus heavily on the shingles of the house, gutter damage caused by water, and any destruction that has spread to sealants and other areas of the roof. Typically, repairs like these shouldn’t take too long to perform and can help identify the source of the leak.                     

However, severe leaks may be a bit more of an undertaking because of the unique way that they develop in a home. Some holes may end up forming in one spot on the inside of your house but originate in a different area on the top of the roof. That’s because the water flowing through your home can complicate water flow and cause one break in the roof to produce multiple leaks. Thankfully, cleaning your gutters can minimize this risk in many ways.       

Yard Damage is Developing                       

Lastly, you must talk to a professional about gutter cleaning right away if you start to notice yard damage around your home. This type of damage only occurs if your gutters are so clogged up that water doesn’t run through them but causes water to flow off the sides. This situation can be a severe problem for a variety of reasons and maybe a surprisingly concerning issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.                       

For example, yard damage around your home may seep down into your ground and spread as profoundly as your foundation. When water starts wearing away at your foundation – particularly at areas like the wood and cement – it may end up failing and putting your home in a dangerous situation. A failing foundation may open your home up to concerns such as pest invasions, shifting, and cracks throughout the structure of your house.                       

As a result, you need to do what you can to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. Typically, you’re going to need to get your foundation fixed by focusing heavily on your gutters. These types of repairs are essential because they ensure that your home is safe from the devastating damage that may spread and trigger more severe problems. And while you can always repair your foundation and other types of issues, that doesn’t mean that you should let them occur in the first place.                       

Don’t Forget to Get Your Gutters Cleaned                       

So if you’re looking to have the best gutter cleaning in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, Davenport, Waterloo, or Cedar Falls, Iowa, please contact us at Tomlinson Cannon to get the help that you need. Our high-quality professionals have years of experience working in this field and can provide the kind of detailed attention that you deserve to keep your gutters as clean as possible

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