July 28, 2021

Painting Projects That You Should Plan Before Summer

July 28, 2021

Painting different sections of your home is one of the most tedious and frequent renovation projects that people do. It’s predictable, it’s easy, and it can make your home look a whole lot nicer. However, you likely don’t want to spend your entire summer working on DIY projects. While these can be fulfilling, you most likely want to spend time working, vacationing, and lounging. If you want the perfect summer, here are a few painting projects you should plan before it comes around.

Home Exterior

One of the worst times to be out painting your house is in the middle of the summer. If you live in a particularly warm region of the country, it can be downright unbearable. Additionally, some paints don’t do super well when you leave them to dry in the heat.

Paint your home exterior a modest color that will look classy. Don’t do anything too crazy like orange or neon pink. If you aren’t sure what colors are popular, talk with a real estate agent or do some research online. Since the exterior of your home is the first thing most buyers and visitors see, a great paint job can leave a lasting impression.

Living Room

But the exterior isn’t the only part of your home that should have a pristine paint job. Your living room should be designed in a way that makes you proud. Just like you would for your home’s exterior, make sure the interior walls are simplistic and easy to match against.

If you want to sell, an unpleasant color palette can detract from the overall positive elements of your home. Grays, whites, and blacks are trending at the moment, but occasionally light or tan browns can work. Again, look to imitate specific trends that are going on. Most new homeowners are taking a lot of advice from websites like these, so if you can replicate that style, you can easily get a sale.


Yet another region of your home where you will be spending a lot of time. However, painting bedrooms can take a long time, and it isn’t recommended that you sleep there when the paint is drying. You may have to sleep in a guestroom or living room for a bit.


Getting all the bedrooms in your house done can also take a while. Since summer is a time when most people are stopping by to visit and use your guest room, you should get this job done early. Select colors that will be flattering for any style of furniture.


Another project that will take you outside is painting your deck. Most people don’t realize it, but having a deck and patio is a huge asset for your home. Many first-time buyers want a place to hang out outside, and a deck provides that opportunity. Painting the deck before the summer can give you enough time to enjoy it during the summer holidays.


There are many benefits to having a deck on your property. Your property value will rise. You have a place to entertain your friends and family, and you have a place to lounge when you feel like it.


Kind of unrelated to your home, but your car is another paint job you should get done before summertime. After all, you want to take it for joy rides in style! While it certainly won’t take as long as painting full rooms in your home, your car does require a bit more TLC.


Keep your car in a temperate environment like a garage when you decide to paint it. Do not paint it when it’s cold out or the paint can dry in weird ways. Summer heat can also make the process longer. Select any color that you want to help your sweet ride ready to roll!


Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. Most family members and visitors will be using it at least once, so you have to ensure it looks great. Much like you would with other rooms in your home, make sure the color palette compliments your appliances, floors, and countertops.

If you plan on installing new counters, you should have your design plans on your mind when shopping for kitchen paint colors. You can also install a backsplash that contrasts your kitchen walls to give the design more depth. Overall, less is more in design, but have fun with it as well.

Guest Room

As mentioned earlier, you should strive to get all of the bedrooms completed before the summer starts. Perhaps the room you should begin with is the guest room. Your family members will usually venture out to see you in the summertime, and offering them a freshly painted guest room can be a great way to show off your hard work.

You may want to pick a color that is more fun for your guests. Having a red or tan-colored guest room can enhance their feeling of vacation and relaxation. If you don’t want to do anything different, sticking with your basic color templates can also work.


The bathroom is one of the last places homeowners think to paint, but it can take your home to a whole new level. Dark paints are usually a great contrast to the white counters and porcelain that bathrooms typically contain. Additionally, it can make you feel calm and relaxed if you enjoy taking baths.

Getting this done before summer can free your time up to go on vacations. Additionally, you will probably be using your bathrooms more in the summertime since it is hotter. At the very least, it can’t hurt to get a chore done earlier rather than later.


Paint jobs take up quite a bit of time, but the result can be amazing. In some ways, it can feel like you have a completely new home. Choose complementary paint colors. Think about ways you can improve your life through painting. Planning all these things beforehand will make your summer much more enjoyable.


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