January 16, 2020

Why Is Your Foundation Cracking?

January 16, 2020

The foundation is a critical part of a home but can easily crack without proper care and attention. Thankfully, the best foundation repair in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, Davenport, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls, Iowa can help out with this problem. Make sure, though, that you fully understand what may be causing this problem. Doing so can help you better prepare for the demands of this situation and avoid common issues. At Tomlinson Cannon, we have seen many homeowners come and go with this problem and know how to help.

Changing Soil Position

The soil around your foundation is critical to its strength. Most people probably have an idea of this fact but may not fully understand the extent of its importance. Simply put, you cannot build a foundation on soil that is likely to shift. And yet, most soil will settle over time, particularly right after you finish building a home. When this happens, your house is likely to shift, your foundation may crack, and other problems could quickly develop.

What can a homeowner do in this situation? They can call a professional to get the foundation repair that they need to manage this problem. Changing soil position is something that a repair expert can prepare you for and give you tips on how to manage it, such as adding denser soils to certain areas near the home or by building some leeway into the foundation to ensure that it can adequately settle and avoid real damage and other types of cracks to your foundation.

If these steps don’t work, a repair professional will come and repair the cracks to ensure that they don’t spread any further. Then, they will take steps to add more protective help to your foundation. This process usually requires homeowners to jack up the home and find a way to manage the settling soil. Though costly, it can help to prevent more damaging cracks and keep a foundation even stronger for years to come, protecting your home investment.

Poor Soil Sloping

The slope of soil around a home is something that many may not take seriously. That’s because they don’t realize how much an inadequate slope can damage their foundation. This problem typically develops when homeowners have a shallow grade that lets water pool next to their house, absorb into the soil, and attack the foundation and its support beams. When this happens, the damage is very likely to spread.

As a result, you should contact foundation repair experts if you believe this problem impacts you. These professionals will examine the slope of the soil around your home. Then, they will figure out what slope you must have to keep water away. Usually, you’ll need around a 30- to 45-degree slope away from your home, though this level may vary depending on the type of soil that you may have around a house.

How does a repair expert manage this situation? They start by checking the level and deciding if you need more or less soil at the location. If you need more, they add a little with the help of excavation experts. They then level it out to make sure that it has a slope that suits your needs. In many cases, this step may be all that is necessary to stop foundation cracks. However, other problems may develop that could be a real issue.

Weaker Soil Builds

The toughest part of managing a foundation is the potential that you may have for thin soil density. This problem occurs if your home has a lot of loose and porous materials beneath its foundation. For example, sand often has an unfortunate tendency to absorb water and become free. Clay, on the other hand, is solid but may be too robust against changing temperatures and cause strain on a foundation.

As a result, homeowners need to reach out to professional foundation repair experts to learn more about this problem. These professionals will dig into the area around your home and figure out what kind of soil supports your foundation. If they find that the land is weak or shifts too much, they will take the time to adjust the soil type and help to make this area stronger and more protected from various types of damage.

Just as importantly, they can make repairs on any issues that may have developed while you waited for your soil to change. This situation is often crucial because a large number of people may not have the money to replace the earth but need to get repairs anyway. Thankfully, most professionals should be able to do the repairs that you need while not causing any complications with the overall structure of your foundation and other sensitive areas of your home.

Wet Soil

Lastly, your foundation may start to crack if you don’t take the time to manage damp soil and other areas around the yard properly. For example, changes in soil moisture often occur throughout the year, with spring and winter often being the most humid times of years. As a result, your foundation may crack and suffer extreme damage that causes your home to experience other issues, such as cracked walls and poorly-hung doors.

This issue is particularly potent if you live in an area where the temperature goes either very high, very low, or in both directions during the appropriate seasons. That’s because these temperature changes can cause the water in the soil to expand and contract. When these changes occur, the ground is going to grow and shrink and may cause a multitude of problems with your foundation that could easily lead to cracks.

Therefore, you need to do what you can to avoid this problem as much as possible. Talk to foundation repair experts to learn more about how you can balance your soil’s moisture levels. Some experts will install guards and valleys around your home that protects it from excessive moisture. In this way, a home can be protected from severe damage and doesn’t have to run into any other complications with its operation.

Protect Your Foundation With Us

As you can see, foundation cracks aren’t necessarily mysterious. That said, they can be very devastating if you don’t take the proper steps. Therefore, it is critical to reach out to an expert for foundation repair Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, Davenport, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls, Iowa can trust. Thankfully, we have you covered. Tomlinson Cannon, we have years of experience working on foundations and will do what is necessary to ensure that you are satisfied and protected.

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